Questions from my Sister

This is my little sister.  She is magnificent.  She is my joie de vivre and my raison d’etre.

She is a sophomore at a Christian private high school, and for her religion/theology/whatever it’s called class, she has a weekly assignment where she is posed a theological question and must give her opinion as well as ask someone else their opinion.  Now, as for the other person, who would she choose?

She chose me!  I’m really excited about this because this is a great opportunity for blog material on what I think about specific issues in theology.

Now, we currently have a series going on as well, but that’s a tough series, and in such requires a lot of thought.  I’m not saying this new series won’t require much thought, but it involves quick and concise answers to theological questions.  So, along with the series “Bringing Life to the Dead Places,” we will have “Questions from my Sister” as well.

I was originally thinking about naming this series “Sh*t my Sister Asks,” but I thought that might be a little inappropriate, so, we’ll settle for the lame simple title.


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