New Series – The Courage of Paul Tillich and Intellectual Existential Crises of Faith!

Hey everyone!

It has been a long time since I have regularly posted blog posts (sure, I posted that parable, but my blogging has not been regular).  That was because this last quarter at seminary was an especially difficult one on many fronts; most of my readers will be familiar with some of those, but for those who are not I would be happy to share offblog.  Because of all that, I learned that to preserve what little sanity I had left, I would have to compartmentalize.  That meant no blog posts and no worrying; I needed to get the job done and end the school year well.

And now, I’m here, many weeks after the end of the school year!  I am ready and well to get back into blogging!  So, what should I blog about?  Well, I’m getting into writing parables, and so those will be posted (I have one on gifts coming up!).  However, what I think needs to be posted is a paper I wrote this last quarter. Not only did I get 100% on it (thank you Chris Armstrong!), but I think the topic is very relevant for today.  So, I will be posting the paper in sections, but I won’t be posting it verbatim.  Rather, I will rewrite the sections, and maybe add more to it.  Still, it will be a fun series, at least I think so.

So, I’m looking forward to you joining with me on this new series on Paul Tillich and Crises of Faith! We will start this Wednesday!

Oh, and let’s put in a random picture!

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