Where Heaven Meets Earth

There once were two men who day-in and day-out argued over whether it is better to look at the sky or to look at the dirt. “Look at all of the stars,” one man said to the other, in each one a million worlds! In each one a million truths!  If only I were to ascend to the heavens, to grasp at one star and hold it in my hand!”

The other man scoffed, “You are a silly man. Why do you long for what you cannot have? I, on the other hand, am satisfied with what I have here, on the earth, and I make do with only what I am and only what I have.”

The man looking at the sky retorted: “You are mistaken. We are meant to look at the sky so that one day we will float up and be in the sky among all the stars and constellations.”

The man looking at the dirt replied, “No, we are meant to look at the dirt so that we may use all the dirt provides for our needs and nothing more, for we have nothing more.”

It came to a point where the two men could argue no more, and so each went about their own business.  The man who looked at the sky built a flying machine and flew higher and higher in hopes to live among the stars, that he might catch one and hold it in his hand.  The man who looked at the dirt dug a deep and lowered himself into it, and in this pit he only had the things he most needed, for he only made do with what he is and what he has.

A group of travelers, old and young, men and women, were passing by and saw the two men, one in the sky and one in the ground.  One of the young girls said: “What a silly man!  Why would he escape the wonders of the earth for the heavens? In gazing only at the sky, he did not realize what he already had here in the dirt.” One of the young boys said: “What a silly man! Why would he ignore the wonders of the heavens for the earth? In gazing in the dirt, he did not realize what more to life there could be if only he dreamed!”

An older man spoke up from among the travelers: “Come, we have reached our destination. Let us settle here where the dirt meets the sky.”  And so the travelers settled in the land and built a village for all the people, young and old, man and woman, to live in the place where the sky meets the dirt, where heaven meets the earth.

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