A Note


I just noticed someone new is following my blog (thanks Conrad!), and so I figured that I should make an announcement.

As you know, there have been no posts for a while. This has been a difficult quarter for me at seminary, and so I have been learning to compartmentalize so I can get the job done.  Therefore, there will be no blog posts until after I’m done with my coursework (after June 4).

I feel bad that I’ve left my faithful readers hanging for so long, and I thank you all that I have faithful readers.

In the mean time, please read through my blogs, comment on them, and send me questions and issues you’d like to hear me write on. This will be a fun summer of blog writing, short-story writing, and still, research.

See you soon!


P.S.  A blog should always have a picture, so here’s one for you:

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